Moim Consulting Mission is to provide our customers excellent marine services and value while:
• Causing NO harm to people
• Causing NO harm to assets
• Causing NO harm to the environment
• Maintaining a culture of professionalism and mutual respect

To accomplish this mission, Moim Consulting will, as a matter of policy:
• Promote a culture in which HSSE performance is paramount
• Address all HSSE matters in a systematic fashion
• Have goals and incentives for improvement of HSSE performance
• Measure HSSE Performance and develop improvement plans
• Require our subcontractors to manage HSSE in line with our program
• Recognize that HSSE is the responsibility of everyone

The success of our program depends on our employees because ultimately, each person must be primarily responsible for his or her own safety. We have to depend on our employees to use their skills, training, and knowledge to maintain a safe, healthy, and secure work environment. There is no substitute for care, thought, attention to detail, and the use of good judgment.
To achieve our mission, each employee of Moim Consulting is expected to:
• Assume primary responsibility for his or her own safety at all times
• Commit to working safely
• Read, understand and follow the Moim Consulting HSSE CIMS Manual
• Actively participate in the Moim Consulting HSSE program
• Excercise his or her skills, training, knowledge, and good judgment to keep a healthy, secure, and safe work environment

Total commitment to working safely and full compliance with Moim Consulting HSSE programs are conditions of employment at Moim Consulting. Nothing less is acceptable